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Information for presentation:

- Presentation time (including Q & A): 25 minitues for full papers and 15 minutes for short papers.
- Input: VGA
- Screen: 4:3 aspect ratio

Applications & Technology (Oct.15, 9:10-10:30) show/hide description
Chair: Daisuke Iwai (Osaka University)
Thumbs-Up: 3D Spatial Thumb-Reachable Space for One-Handed Thumb Interaction on Smartphones
Khalad Hasan, Junhyeok Kim, David Ahlström, Pourang Irani
Moving Ahead with Peephole Pointing: Modelling Object Selection with Head-Worn Display Field of View Limitations
Barrett Ens, David Ahlström, Pourang Irani
Improving Interaction in HMD-Based Vehicle Simulators through Real Time Object Reconstruction
Michael Bottone, Kyle Johnsen
Exploring Immersive Interfaces for Well Placement Optimization in Reservoir Models
Roberta Cabral Mota, Stephen Cartwright, Ehud Sharlin, Mario Costa Sousa
Input Device & Usability (Oct.15, 10:50-12:10) show/hide description
Chair: Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University)
A Metric for Short-Term Hand Comfort and Discomfort: Exploring Hand Posture Evaluation
Jonas Mayer, Nicholas Katzakis
Improving Gestural Interaction With Augmented Cursors
Ashley Dover, G Michael Poor, Darren Guinness, Alvin Jude
Desktop Orbital Camera Motions using Rotational Head Movements
Thibaut Jacob, Gilles Bailly, Eric Lecolinet, Géry Casiez, Marc Teyssier
On Your Feet! Enhancing Vection in Leaning-Based Interfaces through Multisensory Stimuli
Ernst Kruijff, Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, Robert Lindeman, Andre Hinkenjann, Jens Maiero, Bernhard E. Riecke
Touch and Movement (Oct.15, 13:10-14:30) show/hide description
Chair: Ernst Kruijff (Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences)
A Non-grounded and Encountered-type Haptic Display Using a Drone
Kotaro Yamaguchi, Ginga Kato, Yoshihiro Kuroda, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura
Enhancement of Motion Sensation by Pulling Clothes
Erika Oishi, Masahiro Koge, Sugarragchaa Khurelbaatar, Hiroyuki Kajimoto
Impact of Motorized Projection Guidance on Spatial Memory
Hind Gacem, Gilles Bailly, James Eagan, Eric Lecolinet
Inducing Body-Transfer Illusions in VR by Providing Brief Phases of Visual-Tactile Stimulation
Oscar Ariza, Jann Freiwald, Nadine Laage, Michaela Feist, Mariam Salloum, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke
Interaction I (Oct.16, 9:00-10:40) show/hide description
Chair: Barrett Ens (University of Manitoba)
Interacting with Maps on Optical Head-Mounted Displays
David Rudi, Ioannis Giannopoulos, Peter Kiefer, Christian Peier, Martin Raubal
Touching the Sphere: Leveraging Joint-Centered Kinespheres for Spatial User Interaction
Paul Lubos, Gerd Bruder, Oscar Ariza, Frank Steinicke
Optimising Free Hand Selection in Large Displays by Adapting to User's Physical Movements
Xiaolong Lou, Andol X. Li, Ren Peng, Preben Hansen
Locomotion in Virtual Reality for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Evren Bozgeyikli, Andrew Raij, Srinivas Katkoori, Rajiv Dubey
Interaction II (Oct.16,11:00-12:30) show/hide description
Chair: Kyle Johnsen (University of Georgia)
SHIFT-Sliding and DEPTH-POP for 3D Positioning
Junwei Sun, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Dmitri Shuralyov
Preference Between Allocentric and Egocentric 3D Manipulation in a Locally Coupled Configuration
Paul Issartel, Lonni Besançon, Florimond Guéniat, Tobias Isenberg, Mehdi Ammi
Providing Assistance for Orienting 3D Objects Using Monocular Eyewear
Mengu Sukan, Carmine Elvezio, Steven Feiner, Barbara Tversky
Combining Ring Input with Hand Tracking for Precise, Natural Interaction with Spatial Analytic Interfaces
Barrett Ens, Ahmad Byagowi, Teng Han, Juan David Hincapié-Ramos, Pourang Irani
Demo (Oct.15, 14:50-(Fast Forwards) 15:30-17:30(Demo))
Sharpen Your Carving Skills in Mixed Reality Space
Maho Kawagoe, Mai Otsuki, Fumihisa Shibata, Asako Kimura
Stickie: Mobile Device Supported Spatial Collaborations
Jaskirat S. Randhawa
Shift-Sliding and Depth-Pop for 3D Positioning
Junwei Sun, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, Dmitri Shuralyov
Developing Interoperable Experiences with OpenUIX
Mikel Salazar, Carlos Laorden
TickTockRay Demo: Smartwatch Raycasting for Mobile HMDs
Daniel Kharlamov, Krzysztof Pietroszek, Liudmila Tahai
Poster (Oct.15, 14:50-(Fast Forwards) 15:30-17:30(Poster))
Mushi: A Generative Art Canvas for Kinect Based Tracking
Jennifer Weiler, Sudarshan Seshasayee
AR Tabletop Interface Using an Optical See-Through HMD
Nozomi Sugiura, Takashi Komuro
Coexistent Space: Collaborative Interaction in Shared 3D Space
Ji-Yong Lee, Joung-Huem Kwon, Sang-Hun Nam, Joong-Jae Lee, Bum-Jae You
Development of a Toolkit for Creating Kinetic Garments Based on Smart Hair Technology
Mage Xue, Masaru Ohkubo, Miki Yamamura, Hiroko Uchiyama, Takuya Nojima, Yael Friedman
Large Scale Interactive AR Display Based on a Projector-Camera System
Chun Xie, Yoshinari Kameda, Kenji Suzuki, Itaru Kitahara
TickTockRay: Smartwatch Raycasting for Mobile HMDs
Krzysztof Pietroszek, Daniel Kharlamov
3D Camera Pose History Visualization
Mayra Donaji Barrera Machuca, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Social Spatial Mashup for Place and Object - based Information Sharing
Choonsung Shin, Youngmin Kim, Jisoo Hong, Sunghee Hong, Hoonjong Kang
Real-time Sign Language Recognition with Guided Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Zhengzhe Liu, Fuyang Huang, Wai Lan Tang, Felix Yim Binh Sze, Jing Qin, Xiaogang Wang, Qiang Xu
Window-Shaping: 3D Design Ideation in Mixed Reality
Ke Huo, Vinayak, Karthik Ramani
KnowWhat: Mid Field Sensemaking for the Visually Impaired
Sujeath Pareddy, Abhay Agarwal, Manohar Swaminathan
Katsukazan: An Intuitive iOS App for Informing People About Volcanic Activity in Japan
Paul Haimes, Tetsuaki Baba
Empirical Method for Detecting Pointing Gestures in Recorded Lectures
Xiaojie Zha, Marie-luce Bourguet
Arm-Hidden Private Area on an Interactive Tabletop System
Kai Li, Asako Kimura, Fumihisa Shibata
AnyOrbit: Fluid 6DOF spatial navigation of virtual environments using orbital motion
Benjamin Outram, Yun Suen Pai, Kevin Fan, Kouta Minamizawa, Kai Kunze
KnowHow: Contextual Audio-Assistance for the Visually Impaired in Performing Everyday Tasks
Abhay Agarwal, Sujeath Pareddy, Swaminathan Manohar
Effect of using Walk-In-Place Interface for Panoramic Video Play in VR
Azeem Syed Muhammad, Sang Chul Ahn, Jae-In Hwang
Using Area Learning in Spatially-Aware Ubiquitous Environments
Edwin Chan, Yuxi Wang, Teddy Seyed, Frank Maurer
MocaBit 2.0: A Gamified System to Examine Behavioral Patterns through Granger Causality
Sanghyun Yoo, Sudarshan Seshasayee
Fast and Accurate 3D Selection using Proxy with Spatial Relationship for Immersive Virtual Environments
Jun Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, JuYoung Oh, JoongHo Leek
Haptic Exploration of Remote Environments with Gesture-based Collaborative Guidance
Seokyeol Kim, Jinah Park
Subliminal Reorientation and Repositioning in Virtual Reality During Eye Blinks
Eike Langbehn, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke
Multimodal Embodied Interface for Levitation and Navigation in 3D Space
Monica Perusquia-Hernandez, Tiago Martins, Takahisa Enomoto, Mai Otsuki, Hiroo Iwata, Kenji Suzuki
Acquario: A Tangible Spatially-Aware Tool for Information Interaction and Visualization
Sydney Pratte, Teddy Seyed, Frank Maurer
Grasp, Grab or Pinch? Identifying User Preference for In-Air Gestural Manipulation
Alvin Jude, G. Michael Poor, Darren Guinness
Biometric Authentication Using the Motion of a Hand
Satoru Imura, Hiroshi Hosobe