2015/4/24(Fri) 13:30 Meet at Shinchitose-Airport
on New Chitose Airport,International Terminal, arrival lobby,2nd floor.
14:00 Depature from Shinchitose-Airport to Noboribetsu-Onsen
15:00 FreeTime
Hell-Walk or Taking Hotspring!! Up to you!!
18:00 Reception
2015/4/25(Sat) 9:00 Opening
9:10 Illumination and Diminished Reality
Chairman:Gerard J. Kim
Image-Based Recovery of Geometrically Complex Backgrounds in Diminished Reality (2)
-Capturing Light Fields Data Using a Handheld Camera-
MR Lighting Coordinate Support System
10:25 Break
10:35 Interaction and interface
Chairman:Takafumi Taketomi
Static‐dynamic Hand Gesture based AR Interface and Its Applications
An input-assist system for hand tremor
Change of the impression with the visual expansion of the person
Directions for Usable Interaction for Mobile Mixed Reality
Floor interaction with wearable projection interface using hand and toe
12:40 Lunch
14:00 Systems1
Chairman:Seokhee Jeon
Location Sensitive Monitoring of Surveillance Camera Videos
An augmented reality system for road maintenance services
Pre-Journey Learning System for Visually-Impaired Pedestrians using
15:15 Break
15:25 Tracking
Chairman:Jae-In Hwang 
An AR/MR Camera Tracker Using View Dependent Texture Mapping.
Quantitative Performance Evaluation of Visual-SLAM Algorithms
Constructing Stable Keypoint Database for Camera Pose Estimation using Real Image Sequences
16:40 FreeTime
Hell-Walk or Taking Hotspring!! Up to you!!
19:00 Banquet
2015/4/26(Sun) 8:30 Systems2
Chairman:Sei Ikeda
Egocentric Selection and Manipulation for a Remote Space-Target in Wearable AR
Haptic Augmentation for Palpation Using Contact Centroid
9:20 Break
9:30 Visualization
Chairman:Yoshinori Kameda
Analysis of Vection Caused by Stimulating Peripheral Visual Field
Correction of Distortion of Wearable AR on Mobile Phones
10:20 Closing
10:30 Depature from Noboribetsu-Onsen to ShinChitose-Airport
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Arrive at Shinchitose-Airport