Visa Requirements

Participants who are not eligible for visa-empty entry MUST apply for visitor visa in advance. For details of the visitor visa application, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

(a) For Chinese participants

We provide you “Letter of Reason for Invitation” and “Letter of Guarantee” if you need for your application. Please inform all following information to “contact[at]” by 25 Feb at the latest.

1. Nationality
2. Occupation
3. Full name (Make sure the name is written in the Latin alphabet as it appears on his/her passport.
4. Male/Female
5: Date of birth (Year/Month/Day)
6: Age
7. Schedule of Stay (for each day)
Date/ Activity Plan/ Contact/ Accommodation (Please fill in as specifically as possible.)

2019.3.27/ Arrival at Nara from **/ Tel. **-****-**** / Name of Hotel, xxxx-City, xxxx 12-34, Tel. xx-xx-xxxx
3.28/ Conference attending at Nara Institute of Science and Technology/ Name of Hotel xxxx-City, xxxx 12-34, Tel. xx-xx-xxxx
3.29/ Conference attending at Nara Institute of Science and Technology/….

8. E-mail address
9. Address for a post
10. Phone number (including country code)
11. Name of Japanese Embassy/Consulate General for your application (it depends on the place where you live. Please check the above URL.)

(b) For participants from other countries

Please inform your name and country to “contact[at]” at first as soon as possible.