Poster & Demo

2019/3/29 09:40 – 12:00 Poster & Demo Teaser
2019/3/29 13:00 – 15:00 Poster & Demo


Title Author
Spatial Audio Reproduction System for VR Using 360 Cameras Hansung Kim, Luca Remaggi, Philip J.B. Jackson and Adrian Hilton
VR School Education Platform Allowing Teacher to Utilize e-Learning Materials in Virtual Learning Space for Multiple Students Junseong Bang, Poongho Kim, Youngho Lee, Haw-Suk Kim, Woo-Sug Jung and Jung-Hyeop Lee
Automatic Indoor Scene Semantic Modeling to Bring the Real World into Virtual Reality Sheng-Han Wu, Hsin-Wei Yu, Ping-Hsuan Han and Kuan-Wen Chen
Dental Training System in Virtual Reality Kuo-Wei Chen, Hsuan-Ting Chou, Chien-Hua Chen, Chih-Yuan Yao, Hung-Kuo Chu and Shyh-Yuan Lee
The Effect of Color Variation to Temperature Perception in VR/MAR Hyungjun Cho and Gerard Kim
Presence, Immersion and Usability of Mobile Augmented Reality Hyeonah Choi, Youngwon Ryan Kim and Gerard Kim
The Effect and Degree of Body based Interaction to Usability and Presence in VR/MAR Yongjae Lee and Gerard Kim
FaceWidgets: Exploring Tangible Interface on Face with HMDs Wen-Jie Tseng, Li-Yang Wang and Liwei Chan
PhantoMotion: Enhancing VR Locomotion Experience Using Multi-Position Tactile Feedback on Head Shi-Hong Liu, Neng-Hao Yu, Lung-Pan Cheng and Mike Y. Chen
Force-Enhanced Gesture Interaction for Mixed Reality Hyung-il Kim, Gun A. Lee, Thammathip Piumsomboon, Barret Ens, Mark Billinghurst and Woontack Woo
The Effect of Avatar Appearance on Social Presence in an Augmented Reality Remote Collaboration Boram Yoon, Hyung-il Kim, Gun A. Lee, Mark Billinghurst and Woontack Woo
Novel View Synthesis with Multiple 360 Images for Large-Scale 6-DOF Virtual Reality System Hochul Cho, Jangyoon Kim and Woontack Woo
Semiotic and Logical Approach for Analysis of Augmented World Seiko Myojin and Noboru Babaguchi
Augmented Concentration: Visual Noise Reduction for Improving Concentration  with a Video See-Through HMD Masaki Koshi, Nobuchika Sakata and Kiyoshi Kiyokawa
CryptoMinecraft VR: Exploring Real Money Sensation on Mining Cryptocurrency in Virtual Reality Blockchain Game Ju Chun Ko, Chi Wang, Ya-Fang Hong and Ping-Hsuan Han


Title Author
Sharing Immersive VR Experience among Local Users by Using a Video See-Through AR Display Kazuma Yoshino, Hiroyuki Kawakita, Daiichi Koide and Kensuke Hisatomi
Facial Augmented Reality with 3D Modulation of Face by Virtual Object Jungsik Park and Jong-Il Park
Travel-Experience Sharing System Using a Paper Map and a Depth Camera Jun Murayama, Miho Yamamoto and Kenichi Hirose