2019/3/28 13:00 – 14:00

Toshiyuki Amano (Wakayama University)


Manipulation of Material Perception with Light-Field Projection

Reflected illumination from the object surface provides various information about material perception. When the precisely designed illumination projected on the object surface, it changes object appearance such as apparent texture and color, and it breaks our material perception. In this talk, I present several works of perceptual material appearance manipulation using projector-camera systems.
The illumination projection based on psychophysics enables manipulation of the object’s materiality not only apparent color. We implemented psychophysics based image processing to our co-axial projector-camera system and allowed successive appearance manipulation of translucency and glossiness.
The overlay projection onto the non-Lambert reflection surface such as specular reflection with multiple light sources shows different appearances for each viewing direction. In our latest work, we proposed the viewpoint-dependent appearance manipulation using light-field projection on the anisotropic reflection surface for advanced material perception manipulation.
I believe the material perception manipulation is an innovative display technique and beneficial for advertisement, entertainment, visual assistance, and other applications.

Toshiyuki Amano is a professor at Wakayama University. He received Ph.D. degree from Osaka University in 2000. He is working on Spatial Augmented Reality, Installation Art, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, and Image Processing. He got Best Paper Runner Up Award in ISMAR 2016, Honorable mention Award in Procams 2012, Best Paper Award in SVR2012, and State of the Art Technologies Expression Association Video Technology Incentive Award (Hagura Prize) for his installation art work in 2017.